Prehistoric Cave Sites

Dusan Mihailovic

Disposition of prehistoric cave sites - klick to enlarge, size:  20 K

Disposition of prehistoric cave sites

1 - Visoka Pecina,
2 - Salitrena Pecina,
3 - Risovaca,
4 - Pecina Pod Jerininim Brdom,
5 - Mirilovska Pecina,
6 - Lazareva (Zlotska) Pecina,
7 - Pecurski Kamen,
8 - Baranica,
9 - Prekonoska Pecina,
10 - Smolucka Pecina.

Chipped stone artifacts (a, b) and bone point (c) from cave Mirilovska Pecina



    Investigations of cave archaeological sites that have been conducted to date in Serbia indicate that archaeological finds can be expected in the majority of dry and accessible caves containing sediment. Moreover, recent investigations of caves in Eastern Serbia have shown that traces of wall painting should also be looked for, even when the deep interior of caves is being explored. It has been confirmed that caves have been used for different purposes, primarily for habitation, but also as refuges, ritual sites, and places where various specialized activities (ore processing, etc.) were carried out.