External collaborators

The outside collaborators of the Institute are persons who possess a scientific or research academic title, are not employed with the Institute on a full-time basis but are engaged on Institute projects, as well as professionals whose services are engaged for the purpose of performing jobs supporting the realisation of the scientific-research activities of the Institute.


Наташа Симеуновић Бајић

Professor Nataša Simeunović Bajić, Ph.D., research associate

Organization: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš

Research Area: media, culture, cultural policy


Душан Михаиловић

Associate Proff. Dr Dušan Mihailović

Biography: преузмите биографију


Слободан Селинић

Slobodan Selinić, Senior Research Associate

Institute for Recent history of Serbia

Biography: преузмите биографију


Ана Јовановић

prof. dr Ana Jovanović, Research Associate

Biography: преузмите биографију