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the "Speleological Atlas of Serbia"

    In September 1999, the book "Speleological Atlas of Serbia" was printed. The publisher is Jovan Cvijic Geographical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and co-publishers are Institute for Protection of Nature of Serbia, Faculty of Geography - University of Belgrade , and Faculty of Biology - University of Belgrade. 19 authors took part in preparation of the book.

    General problems of karst and speleology in Serbia are treated in a multidisciplinary manner: brief history of speleology and the idea of making the Atlas, sedimentological characteristics of limestones, tectonic influences on cave development, hydrogeological characteristics of limestones, surface morphology, morphological and hydrological characteristics of caves, genesis and evolution of karst, fossil remains of vertebrates form cave deposits, hypogean fauna, cave fauna, prehistoric cave sites, protection of caves, and natural conditions for improvement of cave locations.

    In the Specific section 81 caves are presented. Regarding the morphological, but also paleontological, biological and archaeological characteristics, they stand out among the rest of the caves in Serbia. Macro-position of each cave (on the map of Serbia), as well as micro-position and geological settings of the surroundings of each cave are presented. Brief texts give basic information on geographical position, morphology of the galleries, hydrological characteristics, genesis and evolution. Paleontological, biological and archaeological finds are separately listed. Detailed plans and profiles of the caves are presented as well.

    The format of the book is A3 (420 x 210 mm), with 328 pages, 12 of which are in full colour. It is hard bound, printed on 130 g paper of high quality. The Atlas is bilingual, in Serbian and English.

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