The Institute organs

The Director, the Managing Board and the Scientific Council are the authorized organs of the Institute that establish its policy, organization and manage the scientific-research activities of the Institute. They oversee the fulfillment of the staffing, material, financial, technological and other conditions necessary for achieving scientifically valuable and socially useful research results so that the Institute’s scientific contributions should be visible on both the national and the international level.The Institute is run by the Director. He/she is appointed for a period of four years, on the basis of a public contest, from among researchers who possess a scientific academic title. The Director is employed with the Institute on a full-time basis.If the current Director’s term of office expires, and a new one has not been appointed for any legally valid reason, or on the basis of valid administrative acts of the Academy, the Managing Board shall appoint an Acting Director, whose authority will be equal to that of the Director while he/she performs that function.



Director Deputy
director Ana Milanović Pešić
Milan Radovanović, Ph.D. Ana Milanović Pešić, Ph.D.

Managing Board

Vladica Cvetković, Correspondent member of SASA, Chairman
Kosta Čavoški, Academician, Regular member of SASA
Luka Popović, Ph.D., Principal Research Fellow
Jelena Ćalić, Ph.D., Research Associate
Zlata Vuksanović-Macura, Ph.D., Research Associate


Ethical Council
Aleksandra Terzić, Ph.D., Chairman
Bojan Gavrilović, Ph,D.
Ana Milanović Pešić, Ph.D.
Marija Drobnjaković, Ph.D.
Suzana Lović Obradović, Ph.D.

Scientific Council

Tivadar Gaudenji, Ph.D., Chairman

Aleksandar Kostić, Academician, Regular member of SASA

Olga Hadžić, Academician, Regular member of SASA

Slobodan B. Marković, Academician, Correspondent member of SASA

Milan Radovanović, Ph.D.

Rajko Bukvić, Ph.D.

Željko Bjeljac, Ph.D.

Jugoslav Nikolić, Ph.D.

Milan Milenković, Ph.D.

Jelena Ćalić, Ph.D.

Boško Milovanović, Ph.D.

Aleksandra Terzić, Ph.D.

Darko Vuković, Ph.D.

Milica Pecelj, Ph.D.

Dragana Milijašević, Ph.D.

Ana Petrović, Ph.D.

Marko D. Petrović, Ph.D.

Ana Milanović Pešić, Ph.D.

Bojan Gavrilović, Ph,D.

Dejana Jakovljević, Ph.D.

Jovana Brankov, Ph.D.

Zlata Vuksanovnić-Macura, Ph.D.

Stefana Babović, Ph.D.

Marko Urošev, Ph.D.

Gorica Stanojević, Ph.D.

Milena Panić, Ph.D.

Dunja Demirović Bajrami, Ph.D.

Marija Drobnjaković, Ph.D.