Geographical Institute is scientific institution, part of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade. Main activities are related to the organization and systematic work on the promotion and implementation of scientific research in the field of geography, geo - sciences and related disciplines. 

The scientific activities of the Institute is regulated by the Law on Scientific Research Activity of Republic of Serbia and the set program orientation of the work. The basic interest in its activity, the Institute realizes  through basic, applied and developmental scientific research in the field of geosciences: physical geography, social geography,  regional geography, spatial planning and cartography.

The main activities of the Institute are implemented through research projects, cabinet and field research, organization of conferences and participation in international and national scientific meetings. Institute also organizes and participates in organization of seminars, lectures, consultations and promotions.



The scientific research is performed bz individual and collective engagement of Institute's collaborators in the realization of research projects. The results of scientific work are published in Institute's, Academy's, national and international periodical and thematic publications. Common forms of research team work are: scietific conferences, congresses, symposia, seminars, expeditions and other forms of research that contribute to collecting and presentation of scientific results.


Organization of scientific conferences

Institute organize different scientific meetings on various geographical themes and collaborates with other geographical institutions in the countrz and aborad, and especciallz with Institutes of Academies of Science in neighbouring countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, etc.)


Conference participation

Collaborators of the Institute regularly participate in scientific confrences in the country and abroad, presentig the results of their research on actual themes.


Seminar organization

Since 2008, the Geographical Institute "Jovan Cvijic" has been organizing seminars  aimed at protecting human lives and reducing the consequences caused by the natural hazards. The seminar is conceptualized to introduce the seminar participants with the inovative systems for collecting spatial data and learning about geographical scientific issues. The main task of these seminars is to enable teachers and professors in primary and secundary education to transfer the knowledge and skills related to general geographical issues to their students.



As part of Institute's regular activities, professional lectures are often organized, with a goal to improve staff and stakeholders knowledge for geographical topics. Lectures are commonly organized within major public events and science festivals, on various themes.



The Geographical Institute "Jovan Cvijić" of SANU regularly participates in the promotion of science. Such activities are reflected through regular activities of the Institute's associates within various events and festivals, engagement in social actions and frequent appearances in public media.


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