The Cartography Department

Department of Carthography exsists within Geographical Institute since its begginings, since 1950. The main objective of this department is to collect spatial data with a goal to produce, prepare and publish a summary of maps and atlases. In this department several carographers and cartographic draftsmen were involved. Members of this department published a multitude of catographic sketches and contributions of their work and maps. Till today 11 agricultural maps, one geomorphological, one demographic and one ethnic map of Serbia have been published as Special Editions of the Institute.

Dunja Demirović

Dunja Demirović, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, Head of Department

Research areas: Social Geography, Tourism, GIS


Suzana Lović Obradović

Suzana Lović Obradović, Ph.D., Research Associate

Organisation: Geographical institute "Jovan Cvijić", SASA

Research areas: Geography, Demography, Cartography


Dragoljub Štrbac

Dragoljub Štrbac,

Research areas: Applied Cartography, Geographical Information Systems