The Spatial Planning Department

Department of Spatial Planning conducts research in the field of contemporary theory and practice of spatial and urban planning in Serbia. Associates of the Institute are directly engaged in work on a number of scientific research projects in this field, participated in the preparation of planning documents of strategic importance. Moreover they are active members of professional associations in the country and abroad. In the framework of this department several monograph editions of national importance, as well as a number of scientific papers in the field of spatial planning is published.

Marija Drobnjaković

Marija Drobnjaković, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, Head of Department

Research areas: Spatial Planning, Rural Planning


Zlata Vuksanović Macura

Zlata Vuksanović Macura, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate

Research areas: Urbanism, Architecture, Spatial Planning


Aleksandra Spalević

Aleksandra Spalević, Ph.D., Research Associate

Research areas: Human Geography, Urban Geography, Spatial Planning, Urban Land Use, GIS


Dejan Doljak

Dejan Doljak, Ph.D., Research Associate

Research areas: Geography, Spatial Planning


Radmila Miletić

Radmila Miletić, M.Sc., Research Assistant

Research areas: Spatial planning, industrial geography, regional development