Scientific cooperation

Scientific, inter-institutional cooperation is part of the main activities of the Institute for many years. Cooperation is carried out with international and national institutions engaged in the same or complementary scientific fields. The objective of concluding the inter-institutional agreements and contacts is to develop the scientific and technical networks, the organiization of joint research programs in the area, as well as cabinet research, development of new research methods, scientific research internships and professional staff exchange, the organization of scientific meetnigs and conferences, as well as sharing teaching experiences. Programs include the following categories of interinstitutional cooperation:

  • Bilateral cooperation
  • Crossborder territorial cooperation
  • Cooperation with regional and international institutions
  • Cooperation within European Union and broader

Since 2015, within the Institute special unit for scientific cooperation is formed. Collaborators from the Scientific Cooperation Office coordinate the projects, programs and other forms of cooperation with international and domestic partners.




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