The Regional Geography Department

Department of Regional Geography deals with the regional survey (regional geography, geopolitics, ecnomic geography), primarly in Serbia and the Balkans, but also beyond. For the main object of studies complex natural and socio/economic activities in certain area is taken into consideration, as well as their relationships. The aim of studying regional aspects and determining the geographical distribution of some natural, social or economic phenomena. Scientific attemts to perform geogrphical regionalization and scientific issues related to regions and regional development are analyzed, presenting some characteristics of different countries and regions in Serbia, Europe and the world.

Darko Vuković

Prof. Darko Vuković, Ph.D., Full Professor, Senior Research Associate, Head of Department

Research areas: Economical Geography, Geopolitics, Economy


Dragana Miljanović

Dragana Miljanović, Ph.D., Research Associate

Research areas: Environmental Geography, Spatial Planning


Milena Panić

Milena Panić, Ph.D., Research Associate

Research areas: Spatial Planning, Enviromental Protection, Waste Management


Tamara Jojić Glavonjić

Tamara Jojić Glavonjić, Ph.D., Research Associate