Dear colleagues,
We would like to invite you to submit research articles or review-chapters for the upcoming publication "Water Resources Management: Methods, Applications and Challenges" which will be published by Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Water resources are considered as one of the vital components of the environment, as well as a basic prerequisite for all human economic and social activities in general. Due to the fact that drinking water could become a scarce resource in the future in most countries, the evaluation of water quantity, as well as water quality has become a significant issue recently. The appearance of global water problems (whether there will be enough water for all and whether its quality is satisfactory) have a major impact on the question of water resources management and sustainable development and the issue of the trade-off between economic growth and water resources. We invite authors, scientists, and professionals involved in the theoretical, methodological and practical studies of water resources management to contribute research articles or review-chapters that will illustrate the continuing effort to understand developments of new techniques, methods, and tools for integrated water resources management. All issues related to water preservation and protection, regulated use, regenerated supply and solving a variety of problems in integrated water resources management are welcome to this monograph.

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Date: November 5, 2019
Source: Geographical Institute "Jovan Cvijic" SASA, Belgrade, Geographical Institute, Serbia