Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce the open call for article submissions for upcoming Special Issue entitled “Contemporary Trends in Sustainable Development: A Double-ECO (edged) Sword”, which will be published in the academic journal Sustainability (indexed by WoS–SSCI, IF2017: 2.685 and Scopus: Q1).

The appearance of global environmental problems as a topic in the 1990s had a major impact on the question of sustainable development in the approach to environmental risk and the issue of the trade-off between economic growth and the environment. Regardless, numerous studies have shown that there is no direct trade-off between economic growth and the environment; yet, this issue is topical and related to the question: what is the best way to preserve the environment alongside the economic growth and urbanization of cities and regions? However, today governments, companies, and individuals are becoming more aware that the use of technology and the increase in economic capacity should not negatively affect the environment. This issue attracts attention from diverse fields including ecology, policy making, economics, the use and transfer of technologies, corporate responsibility, tourism, the green economy, and other fields related to this problem.

This Special Issue aims to welcome all comprehensive reviews, case studies, or research articles that formulate innovative theoretical and methodological approaches related to this field. The aim of the research papers in this volume is to promote sustainable development from an ecological economics perspective—a double-edged sword.

Submition deadline: 30 September 2019

Guest Editors:
Dr. Darko B. Vukovic, Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijic” of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Dr. Riad Shams, Ural Federal University, Russia
Dr. Aleksandra Vujko, Novi Sad Business School

Sustainable development
Global eco trends
Public financial support
Ecology and urbanization
Environmental protection
“Eco“-regional issues
Sustainable green economy
Technological impact
Eco-political problems
Future sustainability challenges
Social responsibility
Public-environmental problems
Urban sustainability
Sustainable tourism

Date: December 21, 2018
Source:, Belgrade, Geographical Institute, Serbia