Journal - Volume 60-1



Front page, Contents

J. Romelić, I. Nagy, Ž. Bjeljac

Degradation Processes in Rural Borderline Settlements in the Region of Vršac Mountains (1–15)

T. J. Glavonjić, D. Milijašević, M. Panić

Geoheritage Protection of Serbia – Present Situation and Perspectives (17–30)

G. Milentijević, B. Nedeljković, J. Đokić

Assessment of the Mining Practices Effects on the Water Quality in the Ibar River Within the Leposavić Municipality (31–46)

R. Nurković

Influence of Salt Production on Development of Industry in the Tuzla Valley (47–56)

U. Stankov, N. Ćurčić, V. Dragićević

Assessment of Forms and Extent of Tourism Web Promotion in Serbia (57–68)

M. Pašić, A. Ivkov-Džigurski, V. Stojanović

Survey on Student's Interest in Economic-Geography Contents et Some Universities in Serbia (69–86)

M. Shishmanova

Central and Peripheral Regions – A Topical Problem in Regional Policy (87–105)

D. Vuković, Li Wei

Regional Competitiveness: The Case of Western China (107–124)

Geographic Institute “Jovan Cvijić” SASA