Collection of Papers - Volume 40


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On the Occasion of Publishing a Jubilee Edition of “Collection of Papers” (1)

Miloš Zeremski

The Forty Years of the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić“ of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (3-9)

Petar Stevanović

An Overview of Recent Achievements in the Study of Pliocene in South-eastern Europe (11-28)

Čedomir S. Milić

The Influence of Aerial Pollution on the Intensity of the Karst Process in the Northern and Central Parts of Eastern Serbia (29-45)

Jovan Dj. Marković

The Requirements of Progressive Geomorphology and Geography (47-56)

Radenko Lazarević

Geomorphological Investigations in the Ribnica Basin (57-67)

Dragutin Petrović

The Problem of Lake Surfaces on the Edges of the Panonian and Wallachian-Pontian Basin in Serbia (69-79)

Dušan Dukić

Water Exploitation in the World and the problems of Its Protection, with a Particular Overview of the Situation in Yugoslavia (81-95)

Miloš Zeremski

The Character and Orientation of Valleys Directly Conditioned by Relief Morphostructure (97-104)

Jovan Dinić

The Geomorphological Aspect of the Creation and Exploitation of Mineral Raw Material Deposits (105-109)

Ljiljana Gavrilović

The Frequency of Flooding in the Greater Morava River (111-119)

Borut Kirbus

An Overview of the Genesis of the Relief of the Bobijski potok Basin (121-132)

Obren Blagojević

My Village Half a Century Ago and Today (133-141)

Vladimir Stojančević

The Correspondence between the Serbian Government and the Porte Concerning Cvijić’s Trips to Turkey in 1898-1901 (143-150)

Miroslav Popović

Towards New Tendencies in Economic Geography (151-156)

Olga Savić

Changes in the Outlook of the Cities of Western Serbia and Šumadija (157-166)

Milovan Radovanović

Population as an Autonomous Bisocial and Geographical System (167-178)

Aleksandar Veljković

Elements for a Systematic Approach to Studying the City (179-190)

Milena Spasovski

The Trends and Concentration of Agricultural Population in the Socialist Republic of Serbia (191-204)

Radmilo Jovanović

The Quantitative and Systemic Basis of Geographical Surroundings (213-220)

Marina Todorović

The Population Density of the Agricultural Population of the Socialist Republic of Serbia (221-226)

Ivan Popović

Some Spatial Characteristics of the “Rudarevo” Weekend Settlement Near Veliko Gradište (235-246)

Miroslav Popović

In memoriam: Miroslav Milojević (247-249)