Journal - Volume 64-2



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Alexey L. Vasiliev, Lev A. Vasiliev, Irina V. Bokova, Аlexey L. Kroshilov

Mathematical description of mass transfer between water components and adsorbing surface of filter medium of water purification units (129–141)

Jelena Kovačević-Majkić, Marko Urošev

Trends of mean annual and seasonal discharges of rivers in Serbia (143–160)

Gabriela Adina Morosanu

A case study on the diagnosis and consequences of flash floods in South–western Romania: The upper basin of Desnatui River (161–176)

Eduard Alexandrovich Kuberis, Evgeny Alekseevich Gorbachov

Environmental monitoring and analysis of quality of the Nizhny Novgorod Region ground water with the development of the technologies of their filtration (177–191)

Mirčeta Vemić, Gordana Komazec, Zorica Žujović

Composting in Serbia – possibilities and limitations (193–205)

Slavoljub Vujović, Danijela Vukosavljević, Željko Bjeljac

Financing tourist activity (207-214)

Gioacchino de Candia, Raffaella Chiocchini

Accessibility to nodes of interest: a practical application of the various forms of the impedance curves of two border regions (215-232)

Željko Bjeljac, Dragana Dimitrić

The structure and motives for visitors to the boat carnival event (Belgrade) (233-246)

Sánchez Dario César

Contributions: Tourism in Argentina for the period 2006–2011 (247-252)

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