Front cover.

UV radiation and heat waves in Vojvodina

Book 87

ISBN 978-86-80029-68-9

Year of publishing: 2016
Authors: Slavica Malinović Milićević, Milan Radovanović
Editor: Boško Milovanović


It is an indisputable fact that the Earth’s climate is changing. The observed climate changes have already had a direct impact on the economy, ecosystem and human health, and projections show that these changes will have serious consequences in all parts of the world in the future. The mechanisms by which climate changes directly and indirectly affect the quality of life and health should be thoroughly studied in order to reduce the negative consequences to the lowest possible level. When it comes to the atmosphere, a problem that has marked the last few decades is the increasing concentration of pollutants in the air, which leads to an increase in the intensity of UV radiation and global warming. UV radiation and prolonged periods of intense heat are especially dangerous because they have a direct impact on health, especially in summer, when people spend more time outdoors.