Residential preferences analysis in the context of reurbanisation in Belgrade

Book 86

ISBN 978-86-80029-60-3

Year of publishing: 2013
Authors: Jovana Todorić
Editor: Darko Vuković



Over the past twenty-odd years, the transformation of Belgrade's social
and residential space has been determined by numerous factors. These include
negative trends of change in the demographic and social structure (depopulation,
population aging, emigration, a decline in living standards, etc.), economic,
political and market factors, the privatization of the housing stock, as well as the
intensive residential development in the urban and peri-urban zones. This study
is focused on socio-economic, demographic and socio-psychological
determinants of change in Belgrade's city core (central zone). Due to immigration into this zone, through the process of re-urbanization, significant,
mostly qualitative changes occur within the neighborhood. In this study, the
re-urbanization process is observed from the perspective of the residential
mobility of an individual or a household, their assessment of residential space,
way of life, decision making, personal attitudes, and residential preferences.

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