Transformation of the peri-urban area of Belgrade

Book 85

ISBN 978-86-80029-59-7

Year of publishing: 2013
Authors: Aleksandra Spalević
Editor: Vesna Lukić


In the book, the level and different forms of transformations of settlements in the peri-urban zone of Belgrade were presented. The process of urban expansion of Belgrade has produced strong changes in immediate surroundings of the urban center, so-called peri-urban zone. This peri-urban area is composed of settlements of four municipalities of the inner urban area. The area which is in the focus of the study consists of 21% of the total administrative area of the City of Belgrade, with 19 settlements, in parts of municipalities of Voždovac, Zemun, Čukarica, and Palilula. Those settlements are: Beli Potok, Zuce, Pinosava and Ripanj (Voždovac municipality), Ugrinovci (Zemun), Velika Moštanica, Ostružnica, Sremčica, Pećani, Umka, Rucka, Rušanj (Čukarica), as well as Borča, Ovča, Padinska Skela, Kovilovo, Dunavac, Veliko Selo and Slanci (Palilula municipality). The research defined and explained the transformation of the space through spatial-demographic, functional and physiognomy aspect, qualitative and quantitative changes.

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