Hazardous waste management - system planning, organization, functioning

Book 80

ISBN 978-86-800-2950-4

Year of publishing: 2010
Authors: Milena Panić
Editor: Željko Bjeljac



The hazardous waste management system is an organized approach of continuous direct and controls the same from the moment of its creation, collection, storage, treatment, and final disposal. It is characterized by extreme complexity, due to the very pronounced risk of his release and penetration into the environment, which directly affected all living organisms and environmental quality. Guidelines for sustainable management, regulating the responsibilities of all stakeholders mentioned system and prescribe for each phase individually. Generation of hazardous waste is a particularly problematic phase because of the complex organization of the system for monitoring the quantitative and qualitative variations within a general trend of the waste generated, and the establishment of effective mechanisms to control the generators themselves, especially when it comes to industrial plants, which bear great responsibility for future the fate of waste generated. As a logical continuation, after the generation of hazardous waste, usually lead to its temporary storage, which involves storing hazardous waste on its way to the facility for treatment and final disposal. Due to the accumulation of large quantities of hazardous waste in one place, this phase represents a major challenge in the sense of order to prevent possible accidents.
Accordingly, it is justified presented a regional approach to hazardous waste management in Serbia, which will initially dispose of its development with one facility for treatment and disposal at the national level and more central regional warehouses, which are determined in the districts with the greatest production of hazardous waste. This will directly influence the reduction of improper storage and disposal of hazardous waste, which is commonly present themselves of the factory generator and to stop the accumulation of hazardous waste generated at the national level, with no real possibilities for its solution.

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