Ecological tourism in protected natural assets in Banat

Book 81

ISBN 978-86-80029-51-1

Year of publishing: 2010
Authors: Jovana Brankov
Editor: Željko Bjeljac



Areas with unique ecologic, landscape and aesthetic values, as well as authentic ecosystems and undisturbed nature were formed in Banat thanks to its specific natural conditions. In order to preserve this state, the protection of these areas has been initiated. They were classified in different categories of protected natural assets and a protector was assigned to them. Recently, these objects have become extremely interesting to tourists, considering the fact that the areas with protected natural characteristics have covered less and less territory during intensive urbanization and industrialization, and tourism is an activity based on exactly these preserved natural values.
Protected natural assets of Banat, as important elements of natural inheritance of Vojvodina and Serbia, have different tourist potentials. Some of them are familiar to a large number of tourists and they have certain tourist tradition (Special Nature Reserves: Vršačke planine, Delibatska peščara, and Stari Begej – Carska bara). On the other hand, there are some protected natural goods which are insufficiently presented to tourists and tourism in them is only in the initial phase of the development. Primary, we think of Special Nature Reserves Slano Kopovo and Pašnjaci velike droplje and Nature Park Ponjavica. It is emphasized that these objects do not have as many attractive motifs as the previously mentioned ones, but with proper organization and conception of good programs, certain activities could be realized. Natural monuments and Memorial Natural Monuments in Banat are the least familiar to tourists. The reason for this is partly because of insufficient interest of the authorities, responsible for the management of goods, and partly because of the true absence of attractive motifs in them.

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