Tourist events in Serbia

Book 82

ISBN 978-86-80029-52-8

Year of publishing: 2010
Authors: Željko Bjeljac
Editor: Ivan B. Popović and Vesna Lukić



Within the tourist offer of Serbia, the event tourism represents a form of tourism that contributes to the increasing extent of tourist demand, especially natural and anthropogenic values of tourist place or region. The event tourism can be defined as a public performance of an event or several events (of the same or different contents) of various categories of human achievements identified according to their particularity and attractiveness, realizing tourist effects and goals, and organised in all settlements that have interest in that, with massive appearance and public expression significant by the extent, size, quality and quantity of the contents and clearly expressed central subject, recognisable term of holding by which the profitability is realized as part of a tourist destination. From the beginning of the 1980s, the event tourism has been mentioned in the world as a separate industry. In Serbia, the event tourism gained significance as an economically prosperous form of tourism by the first half of the first decade of the 21st century. It has been particularly significant that it appeared for the first time in the strategic documents, especially in the Strategy of Tourist Development of Serbia up to 2015. Since a large number of events have been organized in Serbia (especially at the end of the first decade of the 21st century), they needed to be categorized and classified with the aim of identifying those events significant by their attractiveness and attendance, and especially the events that can be the brand of destination. Based on the research, some events in Serbia represent the significant segment of tourist offer an extremely important element in the development of the selective forms of tourism by their long tradition of holding, attractiveness and ambiance of holding, as well as their forged image. Some events, outgrowing the national frames and acquiring a reputation on the international market, are positively differentiated and they become the recognizable brands the attractive power of which increases, while the economic effects rapidly increase the profit realized from tourism.
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